Welcome to Java Spice
Java Spice has been inspired by the owners’ travels through South East Asia. Trish & Pete hope that the warmth and hospitality they encountered throughout South East Asia is transpired into the service at Java Spice. They also hope that the tantalising cuisine they fell in love with throughout Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia is equally enjoyed by guests at Java Spice.
All the buildings at Java Spice were hand crafted in Java and re-erected by local Swan Hill builders. The timber used is predominately Teak and Bangkerai hardwoods.
The largest building, the Limasan, is found throughout Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The smaller building, the Joglo, originates from Central Java and is commonly used for housing.
The South side of the building houses the kitchen, bathrooms & office. These were built on the slab from Australian timber & patiently awaited the arrival of the Indonesian hardwood frames. Luckily, they all aligned as planned & the building was completed in July 2005. The two year project was then complete & the restaurant started trade in September 2005.

The Gazebos are common through South East Asia. Java Spice Gazebos were built in Java whilst the roof thatching is made from grasses of Lombok and Bali.

With the combination of traditional and contemporary architecture, the tropical garden & grassed gazebos, we hope you enjoy the ambience of Java Spice.

The chefs at Java Spice use the freshest ingredients available to ensure diners get the best tasting food possible. No MSG is used at Java Spice. Many dishes are suitable for people with allergies to gluten. These are
indicated with a GF beside the dish. Dishes can usually be adjusted to customer’s needs. Please ask if you would like to make your selected dish more or less spicy. Let your waiter know if there are certain vegetables you prefer not to be included.

We hope you enjoy your dining experience at Java Spice.

Trish & Pete