COVID 19 Dine In Policy

Here at Java Spice we take your safety very seriously. We have some large spaces to work with & can provide proper dine in service within the State guidelines. We are opting to take less bookings in the early stages to ensure guests receive the best service.
  • In our large room, we will allow only 20 people at any time.
  • In our second room, we will allow only 12 people at any one time.
  • In the Bali Huts, we will allow up to 12 people in the large huts & 6 in the smaller ones.
  • We may opt to not fill all these spaces if we believe we cannot provide our best service based on time required to clean these spaces and available staff. We will follow guidelines for cleaning of tables, chairs, menus etc
  • Tables will be spaced and some not used to ensure the required 1.5m distance is provided.
  • Guests will be asked to pay at their tables to avoid congestion at the bar.
  • Limited numbers of people will be allowed to use the rest rooms at any one time.