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Dinner 50 330 511            Dinner Take Away 5:30pm-8:30pm            McCrae St Lunch Mon-Fr 11:30am to 2:30pm            

Java Spice Dinner Take Away 5:30pm-8:30pm Menu


Spring Rolls$7.90
Spring rolls with a choice of meat or vegetables served with home made sweet chilli sauce (4). The default dish is vegetable. Choose meat if you prefer.
Tung Tong (Money Bags)$7.90
Chicken mince, ginger, fresh corriander leaf and crushed peanuts wrapped in wonton skin served with sweet chilli or peanut sauce (4).
Curry Puff$8.00
Minced chicken, potatoes, and onion cooked in curry powder and wrapped in puff pastry served with sweet & sour or sweet chilli sauce (4).
Thai Satay Skewers$10.00
Combination Thai style satay is one of the most popular Thai dishes consisting of marinated pieces of charcoal grilled chicken or beef with coconut milk and home made peanut sauce. (4 per serve)
Stuffed chicken wings$8.80
Deep fried chicken wings stuffed with chicken mince & minced prawn, pepper & garlic served with sweet and sour or sweet chilli sauce. (2 per serve)
Thai Sang Choy Bow$16.00
Stir fried mince meat with water chestnut, onion, mushroom, shallot & sesame seed wrapped on crispy lettuce. ( 2 Person dish)
Balinese Sate Kambing$11.50
Pieces of goat meat barbequed and basted with Balinese spices & sweet soy. (serving of 4)
Mixed Entre$11.00
1 spring Roll, 1 Money Bag, 1 Skewer & 1 curry Puff .
Wok Fried Prawns$16.50
Prawns wok fried with slithers of lemongrass, chilli and kaffir lime leaves. Served on a small salad.
Thai Fish Patties$8.90
Home made fish patties with Thai herbs and spices. Served with homemade sweet chilli sauce.
Spicy Orange Calamari$14.00
Portions of Calamari marinated in orange, lemon & chilli. Wok fried with onion, coriander, Shallots, lemongrass and spinach leaves. Superb!
Spicy Thai Prawn Cracker Dip$10.00
Crispy Thai style spicy prawn crackers with minced chicken cooked in a mild red curry sauce.


Tom Yum Gai$10.50
Famous spicy Thai Soup with chicken, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, chilli, mushrooms & herbs.
Tom Kah Gai$10.50
Famous spicy Thai soup with chicken, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, chilli, mushrooms & herbs cooked in rich coconut milk.
Tom Yum Goong$11.50
Spicy Thai soup seafood soup with lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, chilli, mushrooms & herbs.
Tom Kah Goong$11.50
Famous spicy Thai seafood soup with lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, chilli, mushrooms & herbs cooked in rich coconut milk.


Yum Reaum (seafood salad)$22.00
Squid, prawn and fish with lemon juice, onion, tomato, chilli and corriander leaves.
Thai Beef Salad$16.00
Slices of grilled rump steak mixed with lemon juice, chill, onion, shallots, mint and coriander leaves.
Vermicelli Chicken Salad$15.00
Minced chicken cooked in lime juice & thai herbs then placed over a Thai salad & vermicelli noodles. Sensational!


Massaman Curry$15.90
A delicious fruity, mild tasty curry cooked with potatoes and peanuts. Choice of chicken or beef.
Green Curry$15.90
A classic Thai dish. simmered in a thick green curry sauce with basil and coconut milk served with seasoned vegetables. Choice of chicken or beef.
Red Curry$15.90
Exquisite red curry simmered in a thick red curry sauce with basil and coconut milk served with seasoned vegetables. Choice of chicken or beef.
Penang Curry$15.90
A mild curry slowly cooked with green and red capsicum, basil and kaffir lime leaves. Choice of chicken or beef.
Prawn & Pineapple Curry$24.90
Prawn and pineapple curry. Prawn marinated in coconut and pineapple cooked slowly over a low flame.
Kari Ayam Bali$17.00
A mild Balinese curry. Another dish the chefs cooked for themselves that we convinced them to share with you! Chicken pieces marinated in lemon grass & lime. Yummy!!
Mild Yellow Curry$16.90
Mild Yellow Curry- With added palm sugar & coconut milk, this curry is soft & gentle on the palate

Stir Fry's

Pad Grapow$16.60
Stir fried meat with basil leaf, red & green capsicum & garlic. Choice of chicken, beef or pork.
Chicken Garlic Butter$17.00
Stir Fried fillet chicken with onion, chilli, shallot, garlic, butter, soy sauce & lemon juice.
Pad Khing$16.60
Stir fried meat with finely sliced fresh ginger, onions, shallots and mushrooms. Choice of chicken, beef or pork or prawns
Gai Pad Med$16.60
Stir fried meat with cashew nut, onion, chilli & fresh coriander. Choice of chicken, beef or pork .
Sweet & Sour Stir Fry$17.00
Thai sweet & sour Pork. Also available in Chicken & Beef.
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with fillet Chicken$16.60
A mixture of fresh vegetables and pieces of fillet chicken stir fried in the big wok! Something simple for those who prefer non-spicy dishes. Chillies can be added on request!
Thai Satay Stir fry$17.00
Stir fried vegetables & chicken in a mild satay sauce.
Chicken in Chilli Jam$17.00
Chicken fillet pices wok fried in chilli jam, minced lemongrass, lychees, capicums, cashews & onion.

Chef's Suggestions

A tasty traditional Indonesian curry. Chunks of beef simmered in a special curry sauce.
Kari Kambing Jawa$16.20
Goat is the most eaten meat in the world! This dish is a favourite throughout Indonesia. Pieces of meat slowly cooked in a curry sauce. A unique and delicious flavour.
Chicken Chilli Bangkok$17.00
Stir Fried chicken fillet with red & green capsicum, carrot, onion. SENSATIONAL!
Malacan Lamb semur$17.50
The Spice Islands emerge in the Malaccan lamb semur, tender chunks of melting lamb rich with the scent of star anise and cinnamon.
Babi Sulawesi$17.00
Succulent slithers of Swan Hill Pork Fillet marinated in Star Anise and an assortment of spices from Sulawesi, then stir fried with fresh organic coriander from Beverford and other fresh local veg
Chicken Mango Curry$17.00
Tender pieces of chicken cooked in a succulent mango sauce. A mild curry but full of fruity flavour.
Red Curry Duck$18.50
A must try dish. Slices of duck that has been roasted and stuffed with lemon grass and other Thai spices. Slowly cooked in a red curry with cherry tomatoes, basil, lime leaf, egg plant, lycees and pin
Duck in Chilli Jam$18.00
Lychee & Lemongrass. Pieces of roasted duck wok fried with chilli jam, minced lemongrass, lycees, cashews, capsicums & onion.
Barramundi Penang Curry$24.00
Tender pieces of Barramundi fillet cooked in a delicious penang curry sauce with assorted vegetables, basil & fresh mint and some slithers of fresh chilli.
Malaysian Stir Fried Goat$18.50
Tender pieces of local goat stir fried in a tasty Malaysian gravy with minced lime leaf, lemon grass, chilli, onion, ginger, & coriander.
Lombok Lamb$18.00
Tender chunks of lamb slow cooked in a delicious mild rendang sauce mellowed with coconut milk.
Pork Belly in Honey, in Soy & Ginger$22.00
Pork belly twice cooked (oven then wok) in a delicious honey, soy & ginger marinade.

Rice & Noodles

Khao Pad$15.50
Thai style fried rice with ckicken, egg, tomatoes, shallots, green vegetables, fresh coriander leaf.
Mee Goreng$15.50
Authentic Indonesian style noodle with chicken, shrimp, cabbage, choy sum, fried spring onion, and shredded egg.
Pad Thai$15.50
Stir fried rice noodles with chicken, tofu, bean sprout and ground roasted peanuts
Nasi Goreng$15.80
Stir fried rice Indonesian style with chicken, cabbage, onion, choy sum, fried spring onion topped with a prawn cracker and fried egg.
Ladnah mee Grob$15.50
Crispy egg noodle with Chinese vegetable – choose from Chicken , pork, beef
Pad Sieu$15.50
Famous Thai stir-fried fresh thick noodles with broccoli & choy sum, cooked in a dark soya sauce. We have been asked to add this dish for a long time. Here it is! Choice of beef, chicken or pork.


Vegetable Red Curry$15.80
Cooked with coconut milk & red curry paste.
Vegetarian Fried Noodles$15.80
Beancurd, mushrooms, beans, red/green capsicum, bean sprouts and cabbage
Stir Fry Mixed Vegetables$15.50
Stir Fry mixed vegetable
Thai Vegetarian Fried Rice$15.80
Vegetarian fried rice
Tempeh in Balinese Spices$15.90
Delicious vegetarian tempeh in a tasty Balinese sauce served with rice & salad.
Nasi Goreng Vegetarian$15.80
Nasi Goreng Vegetarian

Add Ons

Roti Canai$4.20
Flaky Malaysian bread. Ideal for soaking up the delicious gravy in curries.
Thai style steamed jasmin rice$4.00
Steamed rice
Peanut sauce$1.50
Home made peanut sauce
Roti with peanut sauce$5.50
Roti bread with a generous serve of fresh home made peanut sauce
Prawn Crackers$3.00
Pracwn crackers
Garlic Roti$4.50
Garlic Roti
Thai style steamed jasmin-Coconut Rice$6.00
Coconut rice


Chocolate mousse$9.00
Delicious home made chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream, fresh strawberry and mint. Wow!


Pla Priew Waan $20.60
Thai sweet & sour fish fillet.
Garlic Pepper King Prawn$25.90
Stir fry King prawns with pepper & garlic
Stir Fried Calamari in Basil$25.50
Stir fry calamari with basil. Very popular dish!
Garlic King Prawn$25.90
Served on hotplate with salad or vegetable and steamed
Thai Seafood Combination$25.90
Fish fillet, scallops, calamari & other seafood mixes stir fried with onion, carrot, red & green capsicum, shallots & short beans served on a sizzling hot plate.
Thai Chilli King Prawns$26.90
Stir fried King Prawns cooked in chilli sauce with onions, carrots, red & green capsicums and served on a sizzling hot plate.
Java Spice Lemon Grass & Ginger King Prawns$25.90
King Prawns wok fried with slithers of lemongrass, ginger and kaffir lime leaves, onion & capsicum with a delicious orange sauce.


Java Spice Schnitzel$19.90
Served with chips & Salad
Java Spice Porterhouse Steak$22.50
Tender Porterhouse cooked on the grill with a side bowl of Java Spice red wine & garlic special sauce served with chips and salad.
Java Spice Fish & Chips$20.00
Two pieces of Battered Fish served with chips & salad


Chips With Tomato Sauce$9.00
Nuggets & Chips$12.50
Dim Sims & chips$10.50


Can of Coke$4.50
Can of Diet Coke$4.50
Can of Squash$4.50
Can of Lemonade$4.50
600 ml Water$4.00
Creamy Soda 600ml$4.80

Gift Vouchers

A-$40 Gift Voucher$40.00
We supply the voucher, you write in the details.
B-$50 Gift Voucher$50.00
C-$60 Gift Vouchers$60.00
D-$80 Gift Vouchers$80.00
E-$100 Gift Vouchers$100.00

COVID-19 Info

D-Delivery for self isolation$0.00
We can deliver & leave food at your doorstep if required. A staff member will call you to prepay for this service. Receipts will be left with the food. Tick the box to the LEFT if you require this.
C-Normal Delivery$0.00
Tick the box to the left if you are happy to use the delivery eftpos. The machine will be cleaned before & after each use. Disposable gloves can also be supplied.
A-Normal Pickup$0.00
Enter from the Beveridge St Gate. Collect from the bar. Tick the box to left to indicate this choice of pickup. You will receive a text message with a time to pickup to allow social distancing rules.
B-Pickup from Carpark$0.00
Tick the box to the left if you wish your food to be dropped off at the carpark or on Beveridge St. We will call you for card processing & further details.

Red Wines (Max 1Btl per Food Order

RED-1888 O’Keefe Trail Heathcote Shiraz$30.00
RED-Brown Bros Devil’s Corner Pinot Noir$25.00
RED-Einzellage 100 Year Old Vine Valley Floor Gren$40.00
RED-Java Spice House Shiraz$25.00
RED-Tilson Hill Pinot Noir$38.00

Beers & Ciders (Max order 6 units per food order)

Beer-Great Northern$0.00
Cider-Strongbow Sweet$0.00
Cider-Strongbow Original$0.00
Beer-Carlton Dry$0.00
Cider-Westons Med Dry$0.00

White Wines (Max 1 Btl per Food Order)

Java Spice House Chardonnay$25.00
Java Spice House Sauvignon Blanc$25.00
Clare Hills Tempranillo Rose By Neil Pike$28.00
Clare Hills Riesling by Neil Pike$26.00